Advantage DSP

What is Advantage Dental Savings Plan?

Our goal is always to provide quality dental care at an affordable price. However, the cost of health and dental care continues to increase each year. In an effort to encourage good dental health and alleviate rising dental costs, we have made our Advantage Dental Savings Plan available to patients who cannot obtain dental insurance or find that our plan costs less than their current dental coverage plan. Since nearly all dental insurance plans require group participation to get any type of price reduction, individuals and families seeking dental insurance on their own often find it too expensive to even consider. Our dental program provides a wide scope of benefits at an affordable price to help minimize the cost of your dental needs.

The Advantage Dental Savings Plan includes:

Diagnostics COVERED 100%!

  • New patient comprehensive examination - 100%
  • Returning patient: 2 examinations per year - 100%
  • 1 set of bitewing x-rays per year - 100%
  • Panoramic x-ray (every five years) - 100%
  • Limited/Emergency exam (once per year) -100%
  • Periapical x-rays - 100%

Preventive care COVERED 100%!

  • 2 dental cleanings (standard or periodontal maintenance) per year - 100%
  • 2 fluoride treatments per year - 100%
  • Sealants (adult molar teeth on children 16 and under) - 100%

All other procedures: 25% discount from our regular fees, including:

  • Additional cleanings or periodontal maintenance
  • Additional emergency visits
  • White Fillings
  • Periodontal (gum) treatments
  • Core buildup and post buildups
  • Crowns
  • Dentures and partials
  • Mouthguards (grinding, sports, snoring)
  • Retainers
  • Veneers
  • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

...and all other procedures we do at our office! 

Advantage Dental Savings Plan Premiums

     •Adult - $450.00 per year

     •Child (14 and under) - $350.00 per year

The Advantage Dental Savings Plan is better than traditional insurance!

  • No ID cards to worry about.
  • No yearly maximum.
  • No deductibles.
  • No claims to submit.
  • No pre-authorization.
  • No limitations for pre-existing conditions.
  • Free consultations.
  • No waiting periods for treatment.
  • Cosmetic procedures and bleaching are included!

Important Notes about Advantage Dental Savings Plan (ADSP):

  • Benefit coverage is effective for participants who remain enrolled in their plan at least until the completion of treatment.  
  • If enrollment expires before treatment is completed, coverage is no longer available.  This is especially important for orthodontics.
  • Your effective date is the day you sign up and your renewal date is the same date every year.
  • ADSP is not an insurance plan.  It is a discount plan.
  • ADSP fees are only available at our office during regular office hours.  Off-hours emergencies are not covered.
  • ADSP is standalone coverage not to be combined with insurance benefits.
  • ADSP cannot be used in a workman’s compensation treatment plan.
  • ADSP is for use at our office only.
  • ADSP cannot be used for treatment with another dentist or specialist to whom we refer or for general anesthesia (sleep) fees.
  • There are no refunds for any portion of paid premiums if ADSP benefits are not utilized during the participation period.
  • Products, such as fluoride toothpaste and medications, are not included.
  • Co-payment is due at time of service for any work received
  • Rates are subject to change annually
  • Missed or failed appointment fees are not discounted and are enforced as per our standard Office Policy.  Inquire for details